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Our consultations are strictly private and confidential, which will not be shared with a third-party. This normally takes 45 minutes to an hour. A certified and licensed Trichologist conducts all our consultations, as a one to one It is within this section that your hair and scalp is examined in a private consulting room. A dermascope would be used for analysis, to examine your condition on a digital screen. You will also have time to ask questions.

A treatment would be recommended after diagnosis and your treatment programme could start on the same day, depending on the diagnosis. In this case there may be need for another hour for treatment. Most scalp diseases are treated within our clinic in Leeds city centre. When possible, we recommend that you bring the results of your last blood test or allergy tests from your family Doctor, but this is optional. Please book for a FREE 10 minutes consultation with our Trichologist, this can be done via telephone or in person, in our clinic.

Consultation Price

Consultation: £100
Time: 45-60 minutes
Description: We will perform skin and hair analysis with a dermascope, take a medical history, have Q&A time and finally diagnosis and prognosis.
Offers: The first treatment after consultation would be discounted to half price.

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