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Our Private Trichology practice is registered and certified with The Trichological Society and we are the first to open in the Yorkshire region. Our headquarters is located at the heart of Leeds city centre, in the Grand arcade. This place is discrete as we respect the fact that hair loss and scalp conditions can be very personal and challenging. We aim to boost your confidence with the help of a consultant, who is an expert in the area of hair loss and scalp conditions.

Find Our Clinic

Location: Our Private Trichology Clinic is located at the heart of Leeds city center, which is now the third largest city in England. The walking distance from the train station is around 5-7 minutes and the distance from the coach station is roughly 4-5 minutes. For local buses we are next to the Leeds Grand Theatre in the middle of vicar lane and new briggate street.

For those using cars, below is a list of different car parks that are closer to the clinic:

  1. Trafalgar street car park and parking Garage. LS2 7BF . This is only 3 minutes walking distance.
  2. Templar street and Edward street car park. LS2 7LP. This is 2 minutes walking distance.
  3. Q Park St John car park, this is 3 minutes walking distance.

About The Founder

Trichologist Agnes Claire Maarufu LTTS is a qualified practitioner, who is licensed and registered to diagnose and treat diseases of the scalp and hair loss problems. She has more than 20 years experience of working with different ethnicities in the hair industry. Our consultant is able to treat children, adults, men and women of all races. She is also an inspirational speaker, philanthropist, author, tutor and international business entrepreneur.


Consultation: £100
Time: 45-60 minutes
Description: We will perform skin and hair analysis with a dermascope, take a medical history, have Q&A time and finally diagnosis and prognosis.
Offers: The first treatment after consultation would be discounted to half price.

Hair loss treatment on dry scalp: £37.50
Time: 30-40 minutes with review
Description: This is mainly for hair growth, alopecia areata and a few other conditions. The service includes going under the hair restoration machines.
Offers: This service can also be bought at a discount, as a package of 10 sessions for £300.00

Scalp treatment on wet scalp: £45.00
Time: upto 1 hour and 15 minutes
Description: This includes exfoliating, cleansing and toning the corneum layer of the scalp before we put you under the HF or other hair growth and skin recovery machines. This service is mostly used on patients with psoriasis, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, folliculitis, Pityriasis and a few other diseases.
Offers: This service can be bought at a discount, as a package of 10 sessions for £390.00

Complementary services: back and shoulder massage, using a deep tissue massager which also releases red light: £15.00
Time: 10 minutes
Description: This can help by relieving muscle tension, aches and pains and can also help with the blood circulation. This service is not a compulsory procedure but its something optional.

Facial acne treatments: £30 per session
Time: 30 minutes with review
Description: In this treatment we will use an antibacterial machine and a review of the skin.
Offers: This service can be bought at a discount, as a package of 6 sessions for £150.00

PLEASE NOTE that all our treatments are performed in a clinical environment, therefore we do not style hair in the clinic.

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